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The Cape Cod Commission works with partner organizations, municipalities, and citizens across the region to document and plan for improvements to existing bicycling facilities and, where and as possible, to help create a Cape-wide network of bicycling routes.

Regional Shared Use Path Vision 

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3M pdf
Feb 08, 2022
Rail Trail Crossing Inventory - Orleans
9’/none NB Good Good* , ** None None None Fair Yes None Good None None 10’/none * Green, … signage present as well ** Jones Lane is split by a Y shaped intersection. The northern …
2M pdf
Feb 08, 2022
Rail Trail Crossing Inventory - Provincetown
1 (Race Point Road #1 / Near Parking Lot) CRASH HISTORY SURROUNDING THE CROSSING No crash …1’ EB None* Fair None None None Poor No None Fair None None 12’/1’ *Advance Warning Signs …
3M pdf
Feb 26, 2015
Claire Saltonstall Memorial Bikeway - Cape Cod Segment Recommened Route Revisions (February 2015)
1 Background and Purpose…1 Methodology…4 Timing and implementation…4 Mapping…
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